Why DIY Damp Proofing Is a Bad Idea

There are various signs to look out for when inspecting your home for damp. Flaking paint, bubbling wallpaper, water stains and mould growth. There’s also a distinct musty smell that accompanies damp and mould – we know you know what we’re talking about!

Aside from the familiar (awful) musty smell, mould is actually pretty dangerous to leave untreated. You might risk your home’s structure rotting and collapsing. If that’s not enough, mould affects your health and can cause respiratory illness. The only solution is damp proofing your home.

DIY damp proofing might sound like a good idea and there are millions of how-to videos available online. But the truth is, if this is your first damp proofing gig, chances are you won’t get the results you’re aiming for. Which means you’ll probably need to hire a damp proofing specialist to redo it anyway.

On top of that, there is a 99.9% chance you’ll have to invest in the right tools for the job, costing you much more than anticipated. A professional already own all the tools needed to damp proof your home plus since this is their day job, it will take much quicker than if you have to do it in your free time. You know what they say, time is money! So will DIY damp proofing really cost you less?

Before you make your decision, why not get some quotes from professional damp proofing contractors like H2nO first? You might be surprised! We know how tight the economy is right now and that repairs are not high up on everyone’s priority list. Which is why we offer our services are competitive prices. Our primary goal is to offer you quality damp proofing services at affordable prices because you deserve the best!

Let us take the stress off your shoulders and get rid of damp for good. For a free quote, speak to the team at H2nO damp proofing Johannesburg today!

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