Water in Basement After Rain? Here’s How H2nO Damp Proofing Specialists Can Help

Basement leaks are more common than you might think in South Africa. A leaking basement doesn’t necessarily suggest that your home wasn’t built to standard or that some unusual event has taken place. It is more likely due to the forces of nature as well as the passing time that caused your problem. That said, there are some factors created by humans that can cause or intensify basement leaks. Shortcuts taken by contractors during construction comes to mind.

It is vital to determine either the cause or source of your basement leak. Causes are typically forces of nature that take place outside your basement while sources are disruptions or flaws in the structure of your foundation. Both of these generally go hand in hand and need to be taken into account when searching for a solution to repair the leak.

The most common cause of leaking basements is due to pressure in the soil around the foundation created by water. Certain soil types like loam and sand drain pretty quickly without absorbing the water. However, clay soil tends to absorb water and expand since it doesn’t drain as well. This is known as lateral pressure.

During periods of persistent or heavy rain, the soil closer to the surface absorbs the water and becomes saturated. Any water that isn’t absorbed causes a rise in the water table. This is called hydrostatic pressure.

Fixing Your Basement Leak Permanently

It takes an experienced and professionally trained damp proofing contractor to diagnose and repair a basement leak. The course of action will most likely involve the installation of a subsoil drainage system with submersible pump and sump system to resolve it.

H2nO has been damp proofing Johannesburg homes for many years. If you have a damp problem, why not get in touch with the professionals for a free quote today!

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